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11th August 2022 

I studied acupuncture in The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine where I obtained Licentiate in Acupuncture and Batchelor of Science Honours Degree endorsed by Kingston University in 2010.
I am a fully insured member of The Association of Acupuncture Clinicians/British Acupuncture Federation.
The main styles of acupuncture I practice are Traditional Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Other styles I have been exploring are Balance Method Acupuncture, Tung acupuncture, and various Japanese styles.
My main inspiration for acupuncture comes personal healing and transformation experienced by my 20 years of ongoing practice of ancient form of Chinese exercises and meditation called qigong, Hua Gong style, as taught by masters Zhixing Wang and Zhendi Wu.

Being committed to continual professional development, I regularly attend post-graduate seminars. Some of the past modules I attended over the past 12 years include:

- acupuncture in pregnancy and obstetrics
- acupuncture for infertility and IVF
- acupuncture for women's hormonal issues
- cosmetic acupuncture
- cancer care and acupuncture
- trigger points acupuncture for myofascial pain
- advanced needling skills
- dry needling
- Japanese shonishin method for babies and children
- dr Tan style acupuncture (123 and global balance)
- master Tung acupuncture
- scalp acupuncture
- basics of mycology (mushrooms as food and medicine)
- introduction to herbal food therapy
- treatment and understanding of trauma, as well as different emotional and mental aspects of health

I have experience of working as an acupuncturist in a clinic for alcohol and substance misuse, which was the basis of my ongoing learning about addictions.

I qualified as a reflexology practitioner with the The Bayly School of Reflexology and am a member of the British Reflexology Association.

Indian Head Massage is another therapy that I practice.

Each treatment is done as personally requested, or can be individually tailored according to the needs of the person. I can suggest what from my experience, can bring about the most effective healing and relief for specific symptoms, or individual well-being in general.

I enjoy learning new things and expanding my knowledge related to different aspects of mind, body and spirit, which I have been doing for the past 25+ years.
Currently I am immersed in studying and feel very passionate about the cranio sacral therapy. I am inspired by and study trauma work through it's relatedness to the polyvagal theory, sensory integration, attachment theory, internal family systems and other embodiment practices; wonders of the fascia, lymphatic system etc.
My son’s traumatic birth and it’s consequences to his life made me research everything I could find related to wholistic approach and deeper understanding of autism, various sensory issues and dyspraxia. It also inspired me to study and experience personal transformation in that area through craniosacral therapy, and pre and peri birth psychology.
All of the above, as well as my personal daily practices, are deepening the experience of treatments I do and understanding from various points of view from both modern Western and traditional Eastern approaches to science and philosophy within the context of health, wholistic healing and general well-being.
I love spending time in nature especially by the sea, attending to my flowers, being with my family and friends.